Founded in 2001, the World Trade United Foundation, is a large international non-profit organization and Consultative NGO of United Nations. Having offices in 14 countries and regions and cooperating with over 70 countries, the Foundation is devoted to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, promote the building of Community with shared future for mankind, facilitate global exchange and cooperation on economy, trade and culture, conduct public good causes and charity works, as well as foster favorable business environment for its members.
Upholding “Freedom and Equality, Creativity and Innovation, Development and Win-Win”, the Foundation has reached more than 2 million beneficiaries and 2.3 billion audiences in 88 cities in 16 countries over the past two decades, organized close to 2000 events for charity promotion as well as economic and cultural exchange, including hundreds of cultural and artistic galas and hundreds of educational forums for social development. The Foundation has held largest charitable event in Asia Pacific region for United Nations, the World Peace Prayer Meeting with over 500 governmental and non-governmental organizations and over 200,000 participants for two weeks. The Foundation has organized several major international events over the years and held the largest charitable events in the history of Chinese America and Australia.
As partner of International High-Level Conference on International Decade for Action, “Water for Sustainable Development”, 2018-2028, the World Trade United Foundation has held 10 sessions of Global Sustainable Development Forum on Water Resources in China, America, Australia, Korea, Tajikistan and other countries since November of 2016, drawing over ten thousands of participants, ten thousands times reported by the media and reaching over ten million people. The Forum has won support and participation of President of UNGA, UN Secretary General, President of UNEA, Representatives of 172 UN member nations, political leaders from 100 countries, leading scientific and technological experts and over thousand organizations around the world.
The World Trade United Foundation with 22 affiliated organizations including International Scalar Wave Quantum Institute, International Alliance for Alpha Whole Brain Development, Global Water Fund for Sustainable Development, has engaged in 38 major philanthropist projects around the world, setting up charity schools and orphanages, sponsored over 2000 children continuously to cultivate future-oriented talents, rescued 12,500 abandoned animals, recruited over a thousand volunteers for disaster relief and rescue efforts which brought shelters to over a thousand people in the stricken areas. The Foundation has set the Guinness Record in making early spring Poon choi feast for 36,500 elders, offered free e-commerce training and ten million dollar entrepreneurship fund for a thousand youngsters; established International Maker Space attracting over 20,000 hi-tech companies. The Foundation has grown into an active public diplomacy nexus by responding Belt and Road Initiative and building global strategic cooperation platform in order to facilitate exchange and development among sister cities.